Tips To Find Shoes

Women all over the world tend to own more pairs of shoes than their men counterparts. This is because women always keep up with the fashion trends. These changes are brought about by seasonal changes, timing and most of the trendsetters. The changes do not only affect the shoes but to other accessories such as clothes and dressing style. The one line of the women shoe that has however been on the fashion for long is the boot, the thigh-high boot.

What do women look for in a shoe?

As discussed above there are ladies known to own more than two hundred pairs of shoes and one can always wonder what drives them to such extends.

The first thing is the size, every woman out there wants to wear the right shoe size in order to feel comfortable. Due to body changes by the ladies, the shoe size might vary over a period of a year. For example, during pregnancies, the feet always tend to be bigger. This, therefore, necessitates the need to have a number of pairs to cover the changes. When considering the size things like the width, the length, and for the boots the calf size. Know your size and insist on those that feet comfortably.

Occasional wear is another factor that dictates the number of shoes a lady must have. Unlike men, women tend to have a specific shoe for a certain occasion. There is the girls’ night out shoe, the bedroom boot, the winter pairs, the office pairs and many other. This, however, has been explained as a way through which a woman is able to feel confident and bold.

Women have also been found to spend a lot on shoes just to complement what is in their wardrobes. That red dress has to go with some knee-high boots, or that pair of miniskirt jeans has to have a lace up thigh high boots for the summer. All these just end up adding more pairs to their shoe collections.

The price and value of the shoe, this is another thing that contributes largely to the many pairs a woman has. The celebrities and fashionistas dictate the value of the different types of shoe and a woman can ditch a nice shoe just because the market value has gone down.


Every woman should feel comfortable in their shoes, therefore always make the right decisions when purchasing them. No matter how many pairs are in your closet, you will only wear the one that brings out the elegance in you.

Fashion Tips For Curvy Girl

Winter is not just about layering up with cozy sweaters and a cute matching beanie, especially when you have those gorgeous curves to flaunt. Laced Bodysuits, cropped hoodies, curve outfits or studded denim; winter fashion for curvy girls can be so hot and happening. From finding the right skirts for women to creating a new winter fashion statement, this is all about big thick girl

Check out these amazing winter fashion tips to rightfully own your curves this season.

Boxy Poncho or an open cardigan?

Both have their own unique appeals. While a boxy pullover will subdue the dropping mercury level, it will definitely not heat up the ambience. Let not your hourglass shaped body lose its worth. Go for an open cardigan and show off your gorgeous curves.

Belted Coat
Belted coats perfectly define your curve by giving you a nice silhouette. The good thing is that it magnificently flaunts your curves irrespective of how many layers you have wrapped around.

Tights with a stretch
Grab a pair of tights with a lot of elastics. More elastic gives it more than normal stretch and a better fit close to your body. If there is more space between the tights and your body as it usually happens in the crotch, you will have more discomfort. Stretchable tights are both stylish and comfortable.

High-waisted skinny jeans
You can create numerous styles with a pair of high-waisted skinny jeans. Tuck it inside a pair of boots or wear it with a tunic – length tops for a more casual and relaxed look. The high waist leaves its impact by accentuating the ingrained girth of your waist.

You can tuck in your sweaters so that your waist does not get lost. You may also bring back those street styles stars usually swear by. Tuck in a loose top into your skinny jeans just a bit in the front and your waist looks super cool.

Go contrast with bold colors or prints
If you love your humongous curves, especially those around your arms, chest or booty, wrap it with a bold color or print. This will give you a flawless look with a bit more emphasis on your curves.

All About Basic Wallet Style

Wallets are one of the basic accessories men and women can’t go without. They house your various degrees of essentials, cash, coins, cards and other portable things. Due to their handy size, they are the most opted accessories by the minimalist personalities as well. And thus their demand is quite high in the market; they are available in assorted designs, materials, sizes and themes.

Whether it’s a classic bi-fold men wallet or an ideal unisex passport wallet, it is one thing that both men and women inherently pick up when hunting outdoor. Contemporary or designer wallets have now evolved a lot and available with some specifications that are needed by modern men & women in current days.

Today, we are going to discuss five basic wallets’ types that you come across daily somehow.

1. Card Wallet – Card wallet is the best option if you do not carry liquid cash all the way around and have lots of debit & credit cards. To house all of the important credit cards, buy online sleek and stylish card wallets which can be used by both sexes.

Compact and thin in size, they can be carried out in pockets. Buy online leather wallets that come with brass button closure for complete security and contain no room for loose cards, cash or ID cards or whatsoever.

2. Bi-Fold Wallet – A classic edition for all-male figures, bi-fold wallets feature a unique way of storing photos, paper currencies, coins, important documents, cards and much more. The basic design of these wallets gained them the name – bi-fold to be carried easily by men all the time.

One can find these wallets in various types of materials to increase its durability and style while keeping a masculine edge in its appearance.

3. Zippered Wallet – If want a combination of style and security at the same time, buy online designer zippered wallets. Come with genuine YKK zipper for comprehensive safety all along the time, these wallets can be used by both men and women and according to both sexes, these come with various designs and textures. Get proper space for your debit or credit cards, cash, bills, ID cards and other nitty-gritty. No matter what you’re wearing, these wallets have a way to complement your outfits.

4. Passport Wallet – A perfect accessory for a wanderlust or trendy keeper, designer unisex passport wallet is an admirable combo of style, security and functionality. They come with full zippered closure to keep your entire essential safe. With such roomy compartments and pockets, the wallets can house many cards, a bundle of cash, passports, and other important documents.

5. Women’s Classic Wallet – A timeless addition to a woman’s wardrobe, women’s wallet is that basic amenity that fulfills every need and fashion statement without much effort. More spacious than passport wallets, these zippered numbers are perfect to keep a phone, cash, cards, and nitty-gritty. Choose breathtaking prints from the collection of women wallets and stay artistically wise.

Trying Artificial Leather

Our modern times and technology has introduced our generation to eco-friendly methods of dressing and has introduced us to artificial leather.

Kinds of Artificial Leather

There are three types of artificial leather:


Lambskin is made of plastic components, which makes this lighter than the actual material. Furthermore, most of the furniture’s artificial leather is made of this. The product comes in various colors.


This type comes coated with vinyl, which makes it look extremely similar, both in feel and looks, to the actual leather. Furthermore, the product is used mostly for creating toys, seat covers, and jackets or Fur leather jacket.

Vegan Leather

This type of product is quite common and is popularly used for the creation of seat covers, Fur leather jackets, toys and many other kinds of products. This can be manufactured by using many kinds of materials such as PVC, plastic, paper, glazed cotton, etc.

Advantages of using Artificial Leather Products

Here is an extensive list of some of the many advantages of using artificial products

Comfort: Be it any kind of artificial product, especially jackets, they are comfortable to use. The fact that, these kinds of products are more elastic and stretch out more, making it easy to use and wear.


The products made out of artificial options come in a huge variety. The fact that these products are made of PVC, paper or other kinds of plastic materials, it is easy to dye them. Therefore, this factor gives more than just some colors for choice.


It is quite expensive and buying a jacket will cost you a fortune. But if you opt for a leather product, it will not burn a hole in your pocket. If you crave these products, the real Lambskin Leather is a great option for you as it costs less than the actual Material.

Easy to Clean

The products made out of Real Lambskin leather are especially easy to clean. However, proper directions should be used while cleaning these products as some products may harden. Apart from this, these products can be cleaned with almost next to no amount of effort.


The Lambskin leather products are animal-friendly. The creation and manufacturing of leather products do not harm any animals during the process. Be it a leather closet or a leather jacket; Lambskin leather will not harm any animal.

With Lambskin products, one can be sure not to hurt any animals. To lead an environment-friendly life along with staying stylish, products are the way to go!