Limitations Of Management Information Systems

A Management Information System (MIS) is a precious technology that organizations use to measure the efficiency of their business operations as well as performance of their employees. The MIS endows with thorough insight of a company and supports management for making decisive business decisions. Though the MIS provides big number of advantages, but yet it also comes with a few limitations. In this article, we will be focusing on that part of management information system.


This is the very significant area of management information system and it should be well secured. All the important as well as the secret data are there stored in an MIS and which is not supposed to seen by anyone outside the company or anyone who is not authorized to do so. However, it happens sometimes and the important data gets seep out of the organization. It affects the company a lot in business and hence the companies should focus more on this security part. Let’s discuss a few ways how the security of an MIS can be broken.

Hackers: At present, a number of people who have excellent IT knowledge hack this kind of system, maybe for money or for some other purposes.

Ex- employees: In some cases, it has been seen that the account of employees are active in MIS site even after they got out from there. Sometimes, these accounts can be used for some negative purposes.

Virus: While the employees of any organization use this system, they should make sure that their operating device or computer is virus free. If the device has dangerous viruses then these can be a concern for the security of the MIS.


All the data are stored in a particular server, which is also known as the hosting server. The upload time of any server cannot be 100%. It may be 90% or 99%. But, never can be the fullest. So, the site can be down for anytime. Hence, this is another limitation for management information system.


Same as server, Internet is also a part where MIS has to be dependent. If someone cannot access the net services or the weather is cloudy or maybe the user is in remote or rural area where no network is, then he or she won’t be able to get access of management information system.

So, these are a few limitations that a management information system has to over come in future. However, with having those limitations, yet it helps a lot to the organization, the down line employees and top level managers to take proper decisions for the well of the company.

Management Styles – The Unorthodox

You can’t always define right and wrong when it comes to management styles. You have to find your own style that’s right for business. Sometimes this means trial and error – and heresy. There are times when heresy and an unorthodox management style can pay off – as shown by a Brazilian engineering company called Semco.

If you have your own business then it is your prerogative to run it any way you see fit. Your management style might be considered eccentric but no one can prevent you putting it into practice.

The unorthodox management of Ricardo Semler of Semco certainly paid off. As he reveals in his book Maverick! his off-the-wall management ideas have worked for Semco, with unusual business practices such as subordinates giving their managers twice-yearly appraisals. If a boss scores low, he can even lose his job!

The manager is referred to as ‘the subject’ in a multiple choice questionnaire. The first among the 36 questions is: ‘If an employee makes a small mistake, the subject:

1) Is irritated and unwilling to talk about the error

2) Is irritated but willing to discuss the error

3) Identifies the mistake and discusses it in a constructive manner

4) Ignores the error and pays attention only to more important matters.

It’s not rocket science to spot the correct answer and you can tell Semler has a good understanding of management behavior. He expects his managers to be fair and relaxed, secure and friendly, innovative and competent, trustworthy and participant.

So do unorthodox management styles help with the above?

In all businesses and all processes, there is room for improvement and you have to listen when someone comes up with an idea that has the potential to realise that improvement. You have to look at the benefits before dismissing the idea. You should be prepared to embark on challenges and change in order to create an organisation where people are happy with the management style – and that goes for the people managing and those being managed.

Semler has found success with an unorthodox management style and built a company that has the power to create effective new ideas, and continues to do so.

Differentiate Among Tanning Oils By Their Ingredients

Tanning oils, or emollients, are very successful items that convey speedier, more profound, longer-enduring tans. While at the same time reflecting UV light and accelerating the bronzing procedure, they additionally bolster sound shading by saturating the skin. Hence, they are a staple in both the indoor and open air tanning industry.

Tanning emollients are a prevalent item that help us achieve our bronzing objectives, however with such a variety of to browse, it can overpower when it comes time to make a choice. To make the determination procedure simpler, you can pick your tanning oil by separating among them by their fixings. This will help limit the choices and settle on a choice all the more effectively.

3 Common Types of Tanning Emollient

Do you favor regular fixings? Or, on the other hand maybe you’re a prepared leather expert who needs a more grounded item? Perhaps you require UV assurance as well? The fixings in a tanning oil rely on upon the items reason. For example, indoor tanning emollients will contrast from open air ones as far as creation. Some utilization just normal based constituents, while others utilize chemicals planned for sun assurance or quickened tanning. Your inclination of fixings will help you pick one the truth is out for you.

Regular Tanning Oil – For the individuals who appreciate utilizing items that are made with characteristic fixings, there are some reasonable choices that address these issues. Common tanning oils may contain an extensive variety of normal fixings, for example, natural product separates, fundamental oils, vitamins, minerals, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

Quickened Tanning Oil – Also known as “tinglers”, quickened tanning emollients will convey a more profound tan in a shorter measure of time. They can do this since they contain fixings that expansion the generation of melanin in the skin cells, the shade that gives your skin shading. Fixings like methyl and benzyl nicotinate advance smaller scale course, which builds blood stream and conveys oxygen to the skin cells. These are prescribed for experienced leather experts since they do make the skin feel more blazing and may bring about an extraordinary consuming sensation.

UV Protection Tanning Oil – Tanning oils and creams for the most part don’t contain elements for UV assurance against sunburns and overexposure. In any case, there are some that have added chemicals to their equation that give UV assurance, much the same as a sun screen. Be that as it may, ones figured with sun assurance by and large don’t surpass SPF-4. A few items may utilize characteristic elements for sun assurance, for example, review seed oil.

These forms arrived in an assortment of various applications too, including shower on, fluid, and dry oils. Make certain to counsel your tanning salon for exhortation on utilizing bronzing emollients inside. Furthermore, dependably pick a tanning item that is ideal for your tanning background and skin composition.

Benefits of the One Plan Health Insurance Blue Plan

Health insurance is not just for those with a six figure income, and it should not be a right but rather it should be a privilege. This might not be reality in South Africa at the moment but this is the vision of One Plan Health Insurance, a newcomer to the South African health care industry.

With One Plan medical aid everyone can afford to have health care at a price that will fit their pockets. And with the most basic plan starting at R100 a month, this can truly become a reality.

One Plan Health Insurance offers valuable services and products ranging from hospital plans, to cover in case of death and also cover for dread disease and HIV/AIDS cover. This means that One Plan Health Insurance truly is a one stop shop for all your health care needs, for you and you loved ones. Here is a look at what their comprehensive and affordable Blue Plan can offer you in the time that you will need it most.

What the One Plan Health Insurance Blue Plan Offers You

With the One Plan medical aid Blue Plan as a primary member you will receive R 5 250 worth of medical cover per year, excluding hospitalization, dread disease cover, and other benefits. This means that R 5 250 will go towards your average medical needs, like visiting a doctor, receiving prescription medication, pathology, radiology and maternity care.

Besides just covering your day to day medical needs One Plan Health Insurance will cover other crucial medical needs, such as accident cover, illness in hospital, emergency illness and natural birth and emergency caesareans.

Furthermore you will also receive accidental disability cover for up to R 130 000 for the duration of the policy. You and your family, if they are members, will also be covered in case of death, both accidental and from natural causes.

Optometry needs will also be covered and you will be able to have a comprehensive eye test, frames and specially cut glasses for your frames at any Eyenet optometrist nationwide. What more could you want from a health care provider?

But there is still more. As a member of One Plan Health Insurance you will also be able to take hold of amazing deals and goodies on offer from their online shopping mall, OneLiifestyle. Through the exclusive offers on their website you will be able to get discounts on over 300 trusted brands. So what have you got to lose?

Who can benefit from the One Plan Health Insurance Blue Plan

Those looking to cover themselves and their family in case of any medical emergency that might arise will benefit from the One Plane Health Insurance Blue Plan. And with low monthly rates it is not just the rich that can afford to look after their health. And with great value added bonuses there is no reason why you should not SMS them on 31644, and they will call you back.

International Trade – Tariffs or Restrictions to Trade

Tariffs are taxes or duties imposed on imports and exports by the government of a country. The idea behind tariffs is to restrict the volume of trade or improve the international terms of trade. Tariffs are imposed to protect infant industries from undue competition with foreign firms, to generate revenue for the country-many countries derive their revenue from import and export duties. Also tariffs are imposed to prevent dumping of goods from foreign countries, hence leading to very low sale prices when compared to home prices.

That’s not all, tariffs help to correct unfavorable balance of payments by discouraging massive imports; prevent dangerous or harmful goods from other countries; encourage the establishment of local industries or enhance the expansion and growth of existing ones so as to provide job opportunities; serve as discriminatory measure against unfriendly countries; imposed on imported goods to enable a country be self sufficient in production of numerous goods and to check consumption pattern as citizens may develop uncontrolled appetite for foreign goods, can be used in most cases to protect certain strategic industries.

Tools or instruments of trade restriction

1. Import duties or tariffs: This is a tax imposed on imported goods to reduce the amount of trade.

2. Foreign exchange control: Trade can be controlled by reducing the foreign exchange available for trade transactions.

3. Devaluation: By lowering the value of a country’s currency vis-a-vis others, importation becomes costly while export becomes cheaper.

4. Embargo: This is the prohibition or outright ban placed on some imported goods

5. Import monopoly: This refers to a situation in which the government of a country takes over the importation of certain goods which are only essential to the country.

6. Import quota: Import quota restricts imports by imposing a limit on the quantity of goods but can be imported at a particular country.

7. Preferential duties: In order to either encourage or discourage the importation of certain goods from certain countries, discriminate duties are charged on these goods.

8. Excise duties reduction: This method helps to reduce the prices of locally made goods so as to enable people to patronize them instead of foreign made goods.

8. Import licence: Import licence is a permit that allows an importer to bring a certain quantity of foreign goods into a country and allows him to purchase the foreign currency required to pay for them.

Tariffs and restrictions are very essential to check-mate international trade to suit the developments and interests of a particular nation.

Waste Management Solutions: Five Crafty Ways To Reuse Plastic

Every year there is approximately 333,557 tons of plastic waste tossed into the ocean. Plastic pollution is a toxic hazard that threatens the habitats of ocean and land wildlife. In addition, the mass production of plastic contributes to the dilution of natural resources and increases the burning of fossil fuels.

Waste management companies across the globe are seeing an uptick in plastic pollution-and most are encouraging people to avoid it. Sometimes, plastic is unavoidable-however reusing it can minimize production which is important for the environment. Here’s a look at five crafty ways to reuse plastic materials.

1. Refill Plastic Jugs

Milk jugs, plastic orange juice cartons, and gallon water jugs are great for lemonades and punches. Although it’s encouraged not to use them for drinking too long, it doesn’t mean you have to throw them right in the recycling bin. Fill them with non-consumable items such as glue, dishwashing detergent, or an anti-freeze mix.

2. Make Plastic Bags Useful

One of the biggest headaches for a waste management company is plastic bags. Most of these bags aren’t biodegradable and eventually will end up in oceans or streams. Plastic bags can be used for a variety of projects, including:

– Carrying school lunches

– Making fashionable purses and bags

– Worn as booties over shoes

– Piping bags for cake decoration

The most damaging type of plastic bags come from the grocery store. Avoid using them by purchasing reusable shopping bags or asking the cashier for a paper option.

3. Turn Water Bottles Into Wire

Every day, people throw away thousands of plastic water bottles that end up in a waste management facility or landfill. Water and small plastic soda bottles are comprised of a thicker plastic and are perfect for making wire. Use industrialized scissors, wire cutters, or a utility knife to cut thick or thin strips of plastic. These makeshift wires are great and prevent purchasing and using plastic zip ties.

4. Keep the Bottle Caps

Caps from soda bottles and plastic jugs are hard to recycle-however, they can be used for an assortment of projects. Conserving bottle caps can be useful for things such as:

– Creating a push cushion ring for sewing

– Decorative art projects

– Making jewelry such as earrings, rings, and necklaces

– Fusing them together to make pill holders

Most bottle caps aren’t biodegradable and linger in a waste management facility for awhile. Large bottle caps can also be used as a buffer between furniture legs and flooring-especially fine grain wood and carpets.

5. Turn Two-Liter Bottles Into Planters

Two-liter bottles have an array of uses. A popular option is cutting it in half and using the top piece as a funnel. However, the bottom half of a two-liter bottle can be used to create a planter. Plastic planters are great for small plants such as herbs and succulents.

Alternatives to Reducing Plastic Waste

Waste management companies, scientists, and environmentalists can agree that plastic waste is a growing problem for Mother Earth. Reusing plastic materials isn’t always a viable option, however, there are alternative means such as recycling, using glass and ceramics, and avoiding the purchase of non-recyclable plastic items.

Digital Asset Management Solutions

For member driven organizations, managing and sustaining relationships with members is imperative. By keeping in touch with existing members, such organizations promote themselves and thereby attract more members. However, managing members is quite challenging for organizations that have a wider membership base.

Some of the key challenges faced by member driven organizations to manage their member base include the following:

Managing Membership Lists

Most small associations find it taxing to manage their membership lists. Accessing updated lists of new members complicates things further. As a result, most associations are seen struggling to manage their membership lists.

Handling Member Information

Possessing relevant information about the members plays a key role in building and fostering relationships with them. However, as the organization grows and the number of members increases, organizations struggle to collate and manage member information.

Communication Problems

Many organizations focus solely on adopting strategies that can get them new members. Such associations fail to understand that building a lasting relationship with existing members is equally important to grow their network and spread the positive word about their cause. For most organizations, maintaining communication with members to inform them about the various activities that are held all through the year is a major challenge.

To assist the member driven organizations meet their objectives, a number of comprehensive member management solutions have been introduced in the market. These sophisticated software tools provide a host of benefits to the organizations. Some of these include the following:

Improved Communication

The growth of advanced solutions for member management has been pushed by the demand for effective tools that can strengthen communication. By using these tools, organizations can keep in touch with their members and keep them updated about the latest activities and events. Powerful communication tools such as emails, mobile alerts and more enable organizations to keep their members informed at all times.

Reduced Backend Work

Cutting edge member management tools help in reducing administrative workload to a considerable extent. More importantly, these tools ensure data accuracy to assist the organizations. With a click of the mouse, administrators can add, modify or delete data in seconds.

Simplified Dues Collection

Organizations with a wide member base often struggle with dues collection. To address this concern, comprehensive member management solutions offer a secure online payment collection system. Most of these solutions accept all the major credit cards. In addition, they support multiple payment gateways including CyberSource, PayPal and others.

Tracking Member Activities

Scalable member management solutions enable administrators at the member driven organizations to get an aggregated view of the members and their activities. This, in turn enables them to maintain communication with their members effectively.

Strategic Planning

Maintaining communication with members assists organizations to serve them better. As organizations receive information about their members, it becomes easier for them to adopt strategies that can help them to provide greater assistance and support.

3 Historic Attractions of Athens

It is no secret that Athens is one of the richest places in the world in terms of ancient history. The glories of its past are not only very well known and have wielded much influence, but many of them are also highly visible on the city’s skyline. The key question is, which historic attractions should you see first?

Whether you are walking around the city, or peering out the window of your airport shuttle service vehicle, something of great historical interest will almost always be in your line of sight.

The Acropolis

The fame of the Acropolis is almost incomparable. You’ll very likely catch a first glimpse of it as you pass through on your airport shuttle service but it simply must be explored up close to appreciate it properly. More often than not, the ancient heart of Athens is simply reduced to the Parthenon. Without a doubt, the Doric columns and mythical seat of learning that embodies the centrepiece of the Parthenon is a wonder; however, it is but the penultimate jewel in the classical crown. From the crumbling ruins of the Agora where philosophers bent their minds to weighty thoughts, to the auditorium of Dionysius, which for centuries gave voice to theatrical delights, the Acropolis is a city built upon ruin after ruin. It has stood the test of time and witnessed the passing of cultures, and today holds its own as the true icon of historical Greece.

The Temple of Olympian Zeus

Of lesser pedigree and fame, but no less captivating, is the Temple of Olympian Zeus. Only a short stroll away from the genteel surroundings of the Acropolis, you’ll cross a set of key roads to enter the parkland in which these pillared ruins make their home. You may already have passed on these roads in the airport shuttle service and not even realised how close you were passing to this historical site. Its situation can make the temple seem less significant, as this edifice is surrounded by the everyday trappings of traffic, without pomp and ceremony. However, its importance should not be underestimated. This temple to the king of the gods was begun in the 6th century, and has remained the gateway to Athens in all its forms since Roman times. From the Byzantines to the Turks, the British to the modern day republic, this temple has stood as a doorway to both the past and the Acropolis.

Arch of Hadrian

If you walk from the abovementioned temple to the Acropolis and spend a day in the Agora, the Parthenon and the Museum, you’ll be walking in the footsteps of legendary Greek figures and all those who followed them. Plato, Socrates, Solon, and the like may come to mind as you wander amid the ornate pillars and sculpted marble. It’s actually worthwhile remembering, however, that Athens was almost as much a Roman culture as it was Greek. The empire that modelled much of its oeuvre on the legend of ancient Athens can be seen in both the Temple and its Roman partner, the Arch of Hadrian. Built as part of a complex to pay tribute to the second-century emperor who bears its name, the Roman relics and subsequent expansion of Athens are as much a part of ancient Athens as its Greek heritage.

So many of Athens’ historical sites are permanent, iconic fixtures of the skyline, but even if you do pass by on your airport shuttle serviceFeature Articles, you’ve never really experienced them until you return on foot to explore.

Things to Do in Marketing a Small Business

Should you not give attention to marketing and getting much more organizations, you do not be capable of expand yourself (like business) as opposed to be capable of raise the revenues within the business. An advanced who owns a small business, this write-up is in your case.

Marketing a small business is often a distinct job when compared with marketing a substantial business. A large business have sufficient money to spend a lot of money for advertizing but a small firm or possibly a business may have a limited amount of cover the objective of marketing. Consequently, marketing a small business has a lot of differences when compared with marketing of other organizations.

For starters, small organizations ought to make effort to locate totally free marketing methodologies to ensure that you are able to industry their business. In terms of totally free marketing methodologies, there are several sorts accessible for marketing a small business. Please take a on the web community website as one example. For one to create a business page or a merchant account for your business, this does not take any time in any way. Together with the most sensible thing is these do not cost money in your case. Consequently, you are able to start attracting individuals for the social network website to your business easily and start spreading the globe about you. In terms of on the web community, you are able to find a lot of on the web community web sites popularly demographically and also amongst distinct layers within the public. For instance, LinkedIn is often a social network you are able to use to address the specialists and you will make use of a social network for example Google+ or Facebook for addressing the young public.

Viral marketing is confirmed to be finest for marketing a small business. Viral marketing doesn’t demand considerably money and you just keep your word out using a lot of methodologies. In terms of viral marketing, the saying mostly cross the mouthHealth Fitness Articles, so individuals refer your business to other medication is seen to them. This may be a powerful way of marketing a small business as the word often travels on the list of recognized parties.

Using a marketing firm focused on marketing a small business is one within the other tricks to carry out the job appropriately. There are lots of Internet marketing firm on the web to acquire services easily using the Internet with little risk to your marketing money.

The Importance of Credit Risk Management for Banking

The importance of credit risk management for banking is tremendous. Banks and other financial institutions are often faced with risks that are mostly of financial nature. These institutions must balance risks as well as returns. For a bank to have a large consumer base, it must offer loan products that are reasonable enough. However, if the interest rates in loan products are too low, the bank will suffer from losses. In terms of equity, a bank must have substantial amount of capital on its reserve, but not too much that it misses the investment revenue, and not too little that it leads itself to financial instability and to the risk of regulatory non-compliance.

Credit risk management, in finance terms, refers to the process of risk assessment that comes in an investment. Risk often comes in investing and in the allocation of capital. The risks must be assessed so as to derive a sound investment decision. Likewise, the assessment of risk is also crucial in coming up with the position to balance risks and returns.

Banks are constantly faced with risks. There are certain risks in the process of granting loans to certain clients. There can be more risks involved if the loan is extended to unworthy debtors. Certain risks may also come when banks offer securities and other forms of investments.

The risk of losses that result in the default of payment of the debtors is a kind of risk that must be expected. Because of the exposure of banks to many risks, it is only reasonable for a bank to keep substantial amount of capital to protect its solvency and to maintain its economic stability. The second Basel Accords provides statements of its rules regarding the regulation of the bank’s capital allocation in connection with the level of risks the bank is exposed to. The greater the bank is exposed to risks, the greater the amount of capital must be when it comes to its reserves, so as to maintain its solvency and stability. To determine the risks that come with lending and investment practices, banks must assess the risks. Credit risk management must play its role then to help banks be in compliance with Basel II Accord and other regulatory bodies.

To manage and assess the risks faced by banks, it is important to make certain estimates, conduct monitoring, and perform reviews of the performance of the bank. However, because banks are into lending and investing practices, it is relevant to make reviews on loans and to scrutinize and analyse portfolios. Loan reviews and portfolio analysis are crucial then in determining the credit and investment risks.

The complexity and emergence of various securities and derivatives is a factor banks must be active in managing the risks. The credit risk management system used by many banks today has complexity; however, it can help in the assessment of risks by analysing the credits and determining the probability of defaults and risks of losses.

Credit risk management for banking is a very useful system, especially if the risks are in line with the survival of banks in the business world.